Elevate your skills through on-the-job 

Sales Bootcamps

Join an interactive 8-week online Bootcamp in which experienced sales professionals share their best-practices in

Lead Generation and Deal Closing.

Some of the companies where our participants are driving growth:

On-the-job Sales Bootcamps

Level up your sales game in the most convenient way, fitting into your busy schedule. Learn from sales professionals that have done it before and use their best-practices to improve how you generate leads and close deals.

Bootcamp Journey

8 weeks - 1 session per week - 90 mins per session

Lead Generation Bootcamp

1️⃣ Kick-Off
2️⃣ Prospecting
3️⃣ Written Outreach
4️⃣ Cold Calling
5️⃣ Orchestrating Outreach
6️⃣ Consistency in Lead Generation
7️⃣ Objection Handling
8️⃣ Resilience and Rejection

Deal Closing Bootcamp

1️⃣ Kick-Off
2️⃣ Effective Discovery
3️⃣ Value Proof
4️⃣ Closing
5️⃣ Mutual Action Plans
6️⃣ Selling to C-Level
7️⃣ Negotiation
8️⃣ Pipeline Management

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Bootcamp Overview

Are these Bootcamps for me?

Our participants are united by the following:

  • working for a tech company (typically software / SaaS)
  • less than 3 years of professional experience in B2B sales
  • open to engage with others and implement changes right away
  • eager to improve sales skills and become more successful

What you can expect from our Bootcamps

🚪 Consistent generation of more opportunities
💯 Increased conversion rate from leads to opportunities to won deals
💪 Increased motivation due to greater clarity and success
✅ Significant increase in the ability to reach your goals

Learn from sales professionals that have done it before

All our instructors are sales professionals that know what they are talking about, because they are doing it themselves. They have gained extensive experience in high-growth environments and love to pass their knowledge to others. Every instructor is teaching within their specific field of core expertise.

Ben Bauer

Teaches: Negotiation

Ben has extensive experience in SaaS sales spanning over 10 years. In his roles in Celum, TestBirds, Building Radar, Yokoy and WorkFlex, he has shaped his SaaS sales expertise and grown into an experienced sales leader. Ben has successfully scaled and managed teams of up to 30 sales people.

Mika Sagindyk

Mika Sagindyk

Teaches: Written Outreach

Mika has designed B2B customer acquisition engines for both mid-sized as well as enterprise segments. Having built a sales team previously, she knows the pains and challenges sales development teams are facing, and is here to enable sellers to help clients make progress faster.

Mika Sagindyk

Stefan Pichlmair

Teaches: Showcasing Value

Starting to sell marketing campaings on coffee-to-go cups during his studies, Stefan joined two start-ups as the first sales manager, building up the sales structure from scratch to a multi-million annual revenue. Taking this experience into B2B software sales, he is now helping enterprises to understand and and improve the value of their software investments.

Mika Sagindyk

Felix Fromhage

Teaches: Closing

Woking himself all the way up from SDR to Senior Account Executive at Personio, one of Europe's fastest growing unicorns, Felix has gained quite some experience when it comes to closing deals in a fast-paced environment.

Mika Sagindyk

Markus Ernsten

Teaches: Pipeline Management

Whether supporting start-ups or global enterprises, Markus offers customized expertise in selling SaaS subscriptions, stand-alone products, outsourcing, and consulting services. His ambition is to exceed expectations, even after more than 30 years in sales. Working with Markus opens up new perspectives in developing your sales skills and those of your teams.

Mika Sagindyk

Arthur Eberle

Teaches: Cold Calling

Walking into restaurants and signing them for a food ordering platform, knocking on doors for political campaigns, or cold calling into SMB and enterprise accounts: Arthur knows how to get out of the comfort zone, do the first step and initiate a first and meaningful conversation with a prospect.

Arthur Eberle

Natascha Spahn

Teaches: Objection Handling

Natascha brings experience in sales and acquisition leadership with a global focus. Having sat on both sides of the table, she understands the challenges faced by sales development teams and is here to enable salespeople to accelerate client progress.

Natascha Spahn

Nico Branitsch

Teaches: Orchestrating Outreach

Nico is an accomplished sales professional with a wealth of experience in B2B tech sales. Currently working for Effectory as a Senior Account Executive, he is teaching on how to properly craft and execute a multi-channel outbound approach.

Natascha Spahn

Hakan Yavuz

Teaches: Mutual Action Plans

Being Head of Sales of Instaffo since 5 years now, Hakan has demonstrated exceptional expertise in building and managing sales operations. He is sharing how he trains his own team and enables them to keeping the control during the sales process.

Natascha Spahn

Maria Wenning

Teaches: Defining ICP & Buyer Persona

Maria started her sales career as an SDR, progressing into Account Management. She has been selling software for 8+ years and not only loves to sell but also help others fall in love with their sales job.

Maria Wenning

Daniel Heltemes

Teaches: Prospecting

Daniel has previously not only driven the growth of his own company, but also built and led the leading inside sales team at ParkDepot, Germany's 4th fastest-growing startup. He shares his vast experience in the development of outbound sales funnels for B2B SaaS companies.

Daniel Heltemes

Don't just take our word for it

"I decided to join Koyos trainings sessions because I really value their interactive approach. Discovering the best-practices of experienced sellers and then implementing them right away to solve my own challenges was extremely helpful.

Lea Kunz

Co-Founder OMIND

Lea Kunz
Maria Wenning

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