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Are these challenges limiting your sales growth?

Slow ramp up

Slow ramp up

It takes too long until new hires deliver the results you are looking for. This might be caused by a lack of prior experience or lack of tailored support and onboarding.

Missed sales quotas

Missed sales quotas

Your sales team does not reach their quota consistently, let alone exceed it, causing the overall company growth to slow down.

High turnover

High turnover

As your salespeople are not thriving in their roles you face a higher turnover within your team. This slows your growth further.

Enable every member of your sales team to become a

top performer


A sales training program tailored to your needs

We work with you to build a sales training program that aligns perfectly with your sales goals, your teams' culture and skill gaps. No matter if you are looking for a development program for one individual or your entire team, we create a program considering everyones starting point.

Best practice

Interactive sessions taught by world-class sales professionals

Our sessions are taught by carefully selected sales professionals who have excelled within fast-growing software companies. Basically, they have done it before and give exclusive insights into their best practices and help your team to gain practical skills that can immediately be applied.


Access to a unique ecosystem of ambitious sellers

Your sellers are able to tap into the vast collective wisdom of our extensive network, which comprises of global sales professionals, our top instructors and thought leaders. These individuals offer a wealth of fresh, external insights that can be harnessed to tackle your most pressing sales challenges.

Choose training that delivers impact

Koyos delivers training that actually makes a difference. Everything taught can be implemented right away. And the best ... we are starting to do so within each session already!

"I decided to join Koyos trainings sessions because I really value their interactive approach. Discovering the best-practices of experienced sellers and then implementing them right away to solve my own challenges was extremely helpful. The small group setting, consisting of like-minded people from various companies, added a valuable dimension to the learning experience, making it truly comprehensive and enriching." 

Lea Kunz

Co-Founder OMIND

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