Empowering salespersons

to create 10B€ in recurring revenue until 2030

Our Mission

Koyos helps sales professionals to develop skills that maximize results.

At the heart of our mission lies a profound belief in the transformative power of sales — a force that propels innovation forward. We recognize the inevitable connection between personal and organizational growth, considering them essential catalysts for positive change. However, we also understand that the art of sales often goes unnoticed and underappreciated.

We envision sales not just as a profession, but as a fulfilling journey intricately linked to a company's success. Drawing from our own experiences, in driving revenue growth in a software environment, we've witnessed the tremendous impact and responsibility it entails.

We are dedicated to offer support to growth-oriented small and medium-sized companies, empowering them to amplify their products' visibility in the world. In a fiercely competitive landscape, where sales excellence defines the thin line between thriving and falling behind, we aspire to elevate every salesperson's journey.

We're on a mission to democratize access to invaluable insights. Our commitment is to provide sales professionals with the guidance of seasoned instructors, sharing best practices that elevate sales to new heights. This is our vision, and we invite you to be a part of it.

Founding Team

Maria Wenning

Co-Founder & CRO

Maria built her experience through various Marketing roles and selling software for 7 years as an SDR and Account Manager. At Koyos Maria is responsbile for helping organizations and individuals to find the right solution to drive their growth.

Lucas Jacobson

Co-Founder & CTO

Lucas has previously led multiple development teams and scaled learning app Drops to over 25 Million users. Lucas is responsible for providing a seamless product experience for all learners and instructors at Koyos.

Daniel Buschmann

Co-Founder & CEO

Daniel has previously built a B2B SaaS company from foundation to exit and experienced what it means for a startup to build a sales team from scratch. He is responsible for Koyos' training program and guiding our overall strategy.

Training that delivers impact

Koyos delivers training that actually makes a difference. Everything taught can be implemented right away. And the best ... we are starting to do so within each session already!

"I decided to join Koyos trainings sessions because I really value their interactive approach. Discovering the best-practices of experienced sellers and then implementing them right away to solve my own challenges was extremely helpful. The small group setting, consisting of like-minded people from various companies, added a valuable dimension to the learning experience, making it truly comprehensive and enriching." 

Lea Kunz

Co-Founder OMIND

Maria Wenning

What if it actually works for you!?

Let's have a "no BS" conversation about your challenges and the outcomes you are looking for. We share our honest opinion about them and decide together if we can help to solve them.

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